Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Sad News TT____TT

It has been long since the last time I posted something here. Never thought that I will miss my blog that bad. But, I'm here for give some information that make some of you including me T.T  disappointed or maybe sad. As we all know that in April 9th 2011, JYJ will be held a concert in Indonesia exactly in SICC, Sentul. And you know what, the concert has been CANCELLED !! Although, I wasn't bought any tickets but as a CASSIOPEIA I really really really disappointed :'(

Here the info :

Hello this C-Jes Entertainment.

JYJ world tour concerts' in Indonesia in the delay. On 26 March, C-Jes Entertainment
officially informed of the decision of the promoter Indonesia
us for cancellation. We
continue to commemorate the official
promoter Indonesia because they failed to comply with the contract and therefore
promoter failed to justify themselves
their own after the warning,
we unfortunately have to decide
to cancel because they
could not hold a concert smoothly.

We try our best to not cancel because
the number of fans who waited in the area, but after thinking about the possibility of harm and damage to image JYJ there, we regret to make
final decision for the abort. Furthermore, the Singapore concert, because we are in the process of changing the original promoter, and consult with the people in the area, PLEASE WAIT CONFIRMATION

The only thing that was canceled JYJ world tour in Indonesia, and we will
provide further notice of the change and where the implementation of a world tour..........

Okay, dont ask me what I'm feeling right now. Its all I wanna share tonight, because of this news I have no mood to write sonething. I'll be back to write if I already calm. See ya :)
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