Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

Poems :)


B~Biggest smile upon your face, morning, noon, and night
E~Exchanging silly looks, while holding laughter with all our might
S~Staying up late at night, to help each other out
T~Teasing each other about the men we care so much about

F~For having faith in each other, in everything we do
R~Rising up to challenges, may be too big for you
I~Inviting me to be your friend, and always keeping me near
E~Explaining to each other what it is we really need to hear
N~Never doubting this friendship, and showing that we care
D~Determined to keep you forever, since what we have is rare
S~Stories we tell, that never seem to get old

F~Fishing for new secrets that need to be told
O~Overjoyed by the love thats always in you heart
R~Reaching out to help everyone with your brain so very smart
E~Expressing our feelings without a second thought
V~Very fond of the funny gifts we've seemed to bought
E~Every days a blessing, because you are always there
R~Remembering always that I love you, and I care.

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